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You Can Also Study in New Zealand

New Zealand has now come up as a popular study destination for students. There are reasons behind it. The best reason is that there are quality universities in this country like the University of Auckland. This university has an international ranking of 81 in the QS World University rankings 2016-2017.

The New Zealand study permit is only required if the duration of your study course is more than 3 months. So, a study visa to this country is only required once you plan to pursue a course which is more than 3 months in duration. All those candidates whose study course is of the duration, lesser than 3 months, can just take a visitor visa. The candidate also needs to meet certain health requirements if he has been enrolled in a study course of 6 months duration or more, for example, a check up for tuberculosis.It’s important to know that the students can also plan to work after completing their studies. The qualifications that you gain in New Zealand can ensure that you are preferred by employers in this country. With these education providers, students are opting to choose for different degrees like graduation, post graduation, and research. The highest ranking universities in New Zealand are Lincoln University(51-100 in QS World University Rankings) and Massey University(33).

The post-secondary education is provided in this country by a wide assortment of education providers, like Institutes of technology, private training establishments, polytechnics and industry training organizations.

New Zealand study visa is only needed for those children who are dependent upon their parents and have gained entry into this country on a study visa. With this student visa, they can be a part of primary and secondary institutions in New Zealand. If such children don’t have the student visa, they can only go to school for a period of 3 months. The institutes which are imparting education here are actually, monitored for their quality by New Zealand Qualifications Authority(NZQA).

It’s important to understand that the following rules apply for admission to any institute in New Zealand:

  • Your admission must have been accepted into a full-time course into an institution which has been approved by NZQA.
  • You should also have financial support up to the amount of 10,000 New Zealand dollars for every year that you intend to stay here.
  • A student should also be able to provide complete evidence for leaving the country after completion of his studies.
  • A student should also have a valid passport for a duration of 3 months after completion of his studies.

Any student should not violate the conditions of the study visa as long as he is in New Zealand.

It’s important that the student does not have a real illness for which he should provide a medical checkup certificate prior to the approval of his visa.