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US Health Care System – Only For the Healthy and Wealthy?

There may not be many ways around the poor-at-best health care system established in this country today. This is an unfortunate, but true fact. Nonetheless, there are ways to improve your overall health. You can try your best to “beat the system,” so to speak by maintaining your physical strength and medical health. By living a healthier lifestyle, you will virtually always require less medical attention.One very important element is to maintain a balanced diet. Another is to stay in shape, or, in other words, to get exercise in some way. Some people are very active and others have to schedule daily stretching, cardiovascular, and muscle-strengthening exercises in order to maintain prime physical fitness. The third is simple: don’t smoke. People used to believe that smoking didn’t matter as much. But now we know the severe dangers of smoking. With this knowledge, it is an essential health precaution to take for your self.Being a smoker, whether it is fair or unfair, will be a disadvantage to you medically within the system. Smoking is more difficult to stop that heroin, and many people believe they will never be able to stop. Nutrition and exercise are very important – especially when medical “coverage” is not all it could be in America right now. Medical care, believe it or not, can leave a regular, upper-middle class (with even only one ill family member) family bankrupt under the crushing weight of the medical bills that result from the tragedy of disease. It is anger-evoking, absolutely, to many people in America that although they live in a country that is certainly among the most medically advanced countries in the world. Perhaps more medically advanced than virtually anyone else, our hospitals provide high standard care at life-altering prices. Many other medically advanced countries assure their citizens medical care without cost. It seems as though these countries, despite our government’s claims to value human life, care very much more for their citizens.Our national medical care system shows, loud and clear, that we believe that the elite and the healthy deserve the immense medical advantages that are denied to the already sick or middle to lower class individuals in the United States. We categorize people, treating illnesses based only on what someone can afford and not on what they need to get better. People who could have improved their quality of life with a simple procedure are excluded from coverage, denied access to life-saving medical treatments.While our nation pours more and more money into scientific research to discover more and more medical treatments and cures, they condone denial of medical care to people who try to get treatment for these same deadly illnesses, if the condition has been pre-diagnosed. There is no reason to ignore your health needs – no mater what kind of medical care to which you have access. We know that quality of life and length of life can be significantly increased by the motivation and the dedication to take care of ourselves the way we should. Do everything you can to improve your health and preserve your health, because, at least for now, our great nation will not.