Install a Solar Power System to Lower Your Electric Bills

Solar power provides one of the most promising sources of renewable energy. For now, we continue to derive most of our energy from fossil fuels. Debates rage over how long oil reserves will last at the current rate of consumption throughout the world. Regardless of your personal opinion on the sustainability of relying on fossil fuels, you can’t ignore the ever increasing cost of oil and your home utility bills. A home solar power system can drastically reduce your monthly electricity bill.How Solar Panels WorkPhotovoltaic cells within solar panels use a semiconductor material (such as the silicon used in computer chips) to directly convert sunlight into energy. Sunlight striking the solar cells release electrons from atoms in the silicon. Electrical conductors are attached to the photovoltaic cells to capture the electrons in an electrical circuit.How Much Do Solar Power Systems Cost?Cost is the primary obstacle for most homeowners who want to install a solar system. Solar panels purchased at retail ($1,125 each) plus professional installation can cost over $27,000. Anyone considering solar should first work on reducing their overall energy consumption by making their home more energy efficient. An efficient home requires a smaller (and less expensive) solar panel system to meet its electricity needs. Use a home energy audit kit to locate the biggest energy wasters at your house.DIY Solar PowerYou can build your own solar electric system for a fraction of the retail cost. Instead of buying a manufactured retail solar panel, locate cheap solar parts and assemble them yourself. How-to guides are available that can teach you where to locate parts and provide plans and step-by-step instructions for making and installing a residential photovoltaic system.